My name is Kadia.

I’m 23 years old

I am a student at Georgia Southern University where I study Public relations

I love so many random things such as…

Movies (I’ll watch anything from cheesy action flicks to academy award winners)

Weddings ( just because I love them doesn’t mean I have an obession with marriage)

Television shows ( the good and the bad)

Fashion (Zooey Deschanel and Nancy Botwin are my biggest inspirations for my wardrobe)


Anything Zombie related

Comic Books

Video Games ( Zelda is my favorite)



Art (in all forms)


Traveling (I have yet to do it but I plan on starting after I graduate)

Food (Especially Asian cuisine. I love food from the whole continent Thai, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese , Korean, etc)

DIY projects




This blog is my way of sharing all these things and more with you.

This blog will be a declaration of everything awesome

This is my bulletin board. My Journal. My soapbox. And I hate to sound cheesy, but it’s apart of my soul.



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