Media matters: Building the relationship


It seems like common sense. Of course we, as PR professionals need the media. We need that relationship to get the word out about our events, new products, and limited time offers. We need journalist to not find us annoying, we need them to want to tell our stories. Many people believe that with social media emerging, the relationship between PR professionals and journalist is becoming less important but that is extremely false. After all how can you tweet a link to an article that hasn’t been written?

PR professional are not as trusted by the public because we are advocates for our companies. Our jobs are to represent them as a link between our companies and our consumers. As such, we need journalist to tell our stories. Journalist are advocates for the people. There job is to tell them the facts objectively. Our stories from their mouths automatically seem more objective and less cheesy. We need the media validate our stories and make them more believable.


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