PR grows like wildfire…


I’ve been telling people what my major is lately and to my surprise i DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN WHAT PR IS!



It feels like just like year when I would say I was getting into PR people would respond with a blank stare, but now people know what I’m talking about! There misconceptions that come to their minds. How did this happen so quickly? it feels like some kind of weird over night sensation, but it’s not. The public relations field has been growing rapidly for years. I’ve so many reasons why and I’ve narrowed it to few that I find to be the most poignant.

  1. A PR campaign is WAY cheaper than a marketing campaign and can cultivate the same results.

I heard a saying once “you pay for marketing, you pray for PR”. After the financial disaster that was 2008 many companies                                                                 needed to cut their budgets but grow their client list. Marketing budgets are ridiculously  large and PR budgets are so much cheaper. With the right firm/practitioner you garner the same, or in some cases, better results than if you want with an extremely expensive marketing campaign.

2. Social Media is becoming more important everyday.

I follow Dr.Pepper on twitter. I like Modcloth on Facebook. Social media has become the most effective way of building and maintaining personal and professional relationships. So it’s a no brainer that this is in the PR blanket. The look and feel of a companies blog is becoming just as important as the look and feel of their stores. We, as PR professionals need social media to help build relationships with our consumers. Corporations need PR professionals to build these relationships… it’s a no brainer.

3. PR is taking over television

With shows like Scandal gaining popularity PR professionals are finally stepping into the spotlight unlike before when we just hid in the background. These shows my be over dramatic but it gives people a general idea about what it is we actually do.



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