Newsworthy comes as it’s happening


We read in our books the many characteristics that makes a story worthy of the news. From the bizarre to the local were included but, I think in this day and age the most important characteristic is timeliness. With most of our generation getting the news through the Internet, it has become a dog fight for journalist to break a story first. I just recently finished the netflix series House of Cards ( I suggest you watch it if you haven’t already). The show posed a very important new issue developed due to social media. The journalist in the show made her career by posting huge news stories first through her twitter account. Getting the news while it happens, for me, makes the story seem so much more important. The sense of urgency of a story makes it seem so important because it seems the public needs to immediately. On top of the fact that important news will be reported by all news outlets but the one who breaks it first seems more on top of the current news cycle. Currency seems almost more important than having all the details right away the story will develop and assuming you still have your original source, you’ll be able to report developments first.


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