I picked PR and then I chose it…


I have a firm belief that there is a difference between picking something and choosing it. Picking, in my opinion, takes very little time or decision. You pick what socks to wear in the morning. You pick what pen to use in class. No thought just action. Choosing requires time (maybe a pros an cons list?). Serious decisions require a choice. You choose a significant other, a college and, hopefully, you choose a major. I picked one, well, I picked many, but this is not about the many. This is about how I picked PR and then I chose it.

When I first discovered PR I was a junior multi-media communications major. I was trying to become a film editor. I picked that major because I had previous experience with editing and editing equipment and I enjoyed films. Keyword: Picked. I didn’t know I picked it yet, I thought it was chosen. What should have realized is that I was fishing for information on another major. I was looking for something that would peek all my interest. I love art, film, creativity, and a little bit of style. I didn’t want the limelight but at the same time, I wanted some recognition. I wanted to lead and follow at the same time. And, most of all, at the end of the day I wanted to feel accomplished and proud. Editing offered me only half of the things I wanted. I didn’t know that at first, after all I picked it. Keyword: Picked.

In my introduction to communication class we went in to the various careers fields involving communications. It was close to the end of the semester when  the  T.A. of that class taught a lecture about her major, Public Relations. Before that lecture, the only information I received up until that point is what I learn from Samantha Jones from Sex and The City. This being said, my view was a little skewed

When I learned what PR actually was, I immediately thought “I should do that!” . Why? Maybe because I already had some experience with putting together theatre productions so the event planning aspect aspect drew me in. Maybe it was the idea that I could find the opportunity to write ALL THE TIME. Maybe I knew I had a meeting with my advisor the next day. Maybe it was the the fact the my T.A.  just seemed so excited talking about it. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to it so suddenly but it did. I changed my major the next day. I took about a week  to think “HOLY CRAP! I JUST COMPLETELY CHANGED MY MAJOR.”  I became worried about whether or not I made the right decision. After all, I had only seen one lecture on the subject to go off of. I spent weeks freaking out and furiously google searching.

I took my Intro  to PR  class the same time, oddly enough, as I was Directing and coordinating the Rocky Horror Picture show. This could could not have been better timing. That class helped me so much during promotions and coordination during the planning phase on of the show. During this show I learned that I didn’t enjoy participating in those theater projects just because they were fun, but I realized I loved the feeling of putting something together  and problem solving  and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of an event. At the beginning of that semester I was contemplating changing back. It wasn’t too long before I realized that I had mad the right choice. Public relations allows me to be creative, artistic, organized, and crafty. Every problem in front of you becomes a fun puzzle instead of an obstacle. So I final chose to pursue a career in  Public Relation  instead of just randomly picking. I was lucky enough to trip right over it and find something I truly enjoy. I am fortunate enough to have “picked” it.



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