NEWS FLASH!: We’re not as smart as we think.


It’s a little bit funny that this was our topic this week because I just realized how much I needed my Into to PR class this week. I’ve spent most of the semester thinking that it was a waste of time. I thought that I knew all I needed to know about my future career after I finished my internship. Now that I look back at it, I had a Kanye sized ego. But, this week I noticed I’ve been using what I was learning in this class all along!

I’m the President of a student organization Independent Arts Movement and an Officer of The Swing Cat Society and the past few months have been the busiest of my college career. From September to now, I’ve been working on event after event for these groups. Combined, I worked on 6 major events one after the other and with out some of the basic concepts I learned, I would not have pulled them off as well as I did.

In this class I learned the importance of research. The Swing Cat Society audience is a lot different from the Independent Arts Movement audience in quite a few ways. I made so many promotional flyers and events to create all at one time. Once I finished them all I realized they weren’t exactly fitting for each group (thanks to our research lesson). After my realization I used the groups past photo, flyers, facebook events, to see what styles have worked int the past and what had not.

During the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Independent Arts Movements biggest event of the year, we were discussing different types of media in class. In that class I came up with my promotional strategy for the show. I pretty much did a media sweep getting the news paper to do 2 stories on the show (one before and one after) and using the college radio station along with having the cast dress up in their costumes that week on campus. Thanks to that lesson, we sold out both nights.

I also realized this week that I use my book and my notes for inspiration. I use class examples of different campaigns as promotional inspiration, I use the lessons to guide my plans in a more organized fashion.

This class is completely necessary. We, as PR students have all the tools to do our jobs successfully to begin with but, classes like this one help polish, inspire, and push or skills to that next level. It helps build the picture to our future projects and without that extra push, we would not be as successful in the long run.


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