Top 5 of the Month!


Seeing as how I’ve epic-ally failed at posting once a week I’m catching up with my top 10 obsessions of this month. These are just random things I’m into this month (in no particular order). Like…

Grey’s Anatomy 

I used to have a guilty pleasure. I would watch episode after episode as a did my homework. I learned a little bit about medicine as I oggled the sexy surgeons and constantly compared my life to the over dramatic mess that was the character’s lives. I used to feel guilty about loving this show but now I don’t care! I love Grey’s! As lame as it my be I love it!


How can you NOT love this?



Have to thank my gays for this one. I was desperately seeking music that would fill the hole that Amy Winehouse’s death had left and I was referred this. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no Amy but she is damn good. It’s like if Florence, Adele, and Amy had a love child this would be her voice! The video says it all!!!


New Girl

Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!! Okay, I’ll be honest, saying this show is mediocre is an understatement of epic proportions . But, I love Zooey! Her cloths are cute and I have a few Schmits in my life. It’s Jess!!

I just Love Zooey!











Louis C.K.

I first saw Louis C.K. on Conan   O’brien a few years ago. Ever since, I’ve been in love with everything he’s done. His stand up is hilarious and now we get full episodes!!



Legend of Zelda

I finally did it! For the past few years I had the same tattoo in all of my dreams and I finally got it!!!! The Zelda Tri-force has been a symbol in my life for some time. I was worried I would look like every other nerd around but it came out pretty awesome actually.

Looks pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself!!

But now that I finally got it I’ve gotten back into Zelda Ocarina of Time. It’s my personal favorite Zelda game.




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