My New Years Resolution: Step one- Escape from college


Hi, I’m Kadia and I’m the worlds oldest undergrad.( I mean not counting the 80 year olds who are fulfilling dreams or 40 year old moms gaining a sense of independence.)This year has been my final straw. This year I finally got tired of being an undergrad. I never thought I would reach this point. We’re in a recession, the job market sucks, and I get enough financial aid to live comfortable for at least most of the year (if I don’t drink it too quickly). College is the best possible place for me to be right now, right? So why the fuck am I so damn stir crazy? Why do I feel like I’m living in a slightly more fun purgatory? Why do I feel less productive than my post undergrad friends living in their parents basement with no job? I’m losing my motivation. I’ve been in college for almost 6 years…I’m so tired.

So I guess you’re wondering how the hell I managed to pull a Van Wilder. Well, have you ever seen Van Wilder? That’s pretty much it. Here’s my college career in a nut shell

I did not have half as much fun as he did... but I did come pretty damn close.

  • Year 1- Freshman year- Drunk 24/7
  • Year 2- Freshman year(part deux)- Drunk 12/7
  • Year 3- Sophomore year (barely)- Drunk 24/7 (we moved into a house)
  • Year 3 part B- took my sorry ass back home for 2 semesters….
  • Year 4- Game on. was a junior by the end and raised my average at record speeds
  • Year 5- Baller status and I got a job
  • Year 6- working hard but can’t get my gpa high enough (by like 1 point mind you) to take my last classes…gay

Not to mention all the major changes (5 in all). And now I’m stuck. I have another year and a half  here…all my friends have graduated (or will before I do), I feel like I’m in pre-school (There is a big difference between 18 and 23, trust) and I feel like a ass…seriously. So this year, my New years resolutions will be more structured. They will all help me deal with being stuck in purgatory and help me prepare myself for the great escape.

1.  Write in this thing bi-weekly

I started this blog because I was forced to  for my PR class. I didn’t take full advantage of this opportunity and in all honesty, I should have.  I need to work on my writing for my career. As a PR practioner, I will need to get used writing regularly and besides, this is probably going to be pretty fun.

2.  Have a day-to-day “to do” list

I NEED  to do this. List are the best ( especially since I’m so forgetful) Each night before I go to bed I’ll write a 2 list; one for all the stuff I need to get done the next day and stuff I would like to get done the next day. It’ll help make my life less hectic and definitely help me with my other resolutions. It’s like setting daily goals. I love competition and I love to win so finishing my “to do” list makes me feel like a winner everyday. I’ll be more efficient, less frazzled,  and more organized.

3.  Meet new people

This is key if I don’t want to go insane. The last of my original core group of friends is leaving me and I love the new group I hang out with but,  they just don’t go out as much as I would like ( or at all really). Some new blood would definitely help me feel less trapped and make the next year and a half more pleasurable.

4.  Learn the Ukelele

This is something I always wanted to learn to do. If I stick with my daily “to do” list I can get some practice time in. I’ll be playing Ke$ha covers in no time!

5.  Successfully plan a music festival

More to come on this one…much more

6.  Learn to swing dance

Another thing on my life bucket list. I think I’m going to join Swing Cats ( Georgia Southern swing dancing club) along with the Swing dancing class I’m taking next semester. By this time next year, I’ll be a swing dancing, ukelele playing, one woman show!

7.  Spend less on cloths

I will not online shop...after I buy these boots

Hi my name is Kadia and I’m a shopaholic. They say the first step towards recovery is admitting the problem. Well, I spend WAY too much time and money on online shopping. There! I said it! I’ve decided that I will allow myself to buy something once a month…THAT’S IT! This is one of my toughest challenges. Especially since I love cloths and online shopping is like getting Christmas gifts from your self all year round. This past year I spent way too much money I didn’t have on clothes from websites. The buck stops here America!!! I will stop… hopefully.

8.  Always look on the Bright side

I really need to work on that “glass half full” shit. If I’m going to be stuck in Statesboro, I have to stop thinking that I’m stuck and think that get to be in college. That’s kinda hard to do after 6 years but I’ll work on it.

Travis McCoy said it best " can't keep my hand out the cookie jar"

9.  Date more nameless faceless guys ( I’m using the term “date” loosely. Seems wrong but I totally need it)

I just got out of a 2 year relationship. It literally took us a good 3 months before we really broke up (the whole process was long and awful and sad) So now I would like to “date” a guy that is good looking, a little stupid and has no want or need for a relationship. Sounds a lot easier than it is (trust me). My first attempt ended with way too much caring! It’s time for someone I hate! (Suggestions are welcome)

If he's available, I'll take that one.

10.  Travel! Some where! Any Fucking where!!!!!

I need a nice, fun, affordable, relaxing trip seriously…this is needed. I’ll even accept just spending the weekend in Savannah


Hopefully by this time next year I will successfully do all this(and freaking escape).

Happy Holidays!!!


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