Early 90’s fashion comes back: WHY?????


I was walking through campus the other day and was absolutely disgusted by what I saw. Girls in mom shorts, hammer pants, awful patterns on  awful jumpers with awful tapering. Through out my educational career, I’ve learned that we learn about history to avoid making the same mistakes. I think fashion should be included in this!!!

Recently, me and my roommate have started to watch Melrose Place. We laugh constantly at the ridiculous fashion choices and than are immediately saddened by the fact that we’ve seen at least 3 people wearing he exact same outfit. WHY???? These incredibly unflattering silhouettes are upsetting! I thought the 80’s coming back was bad but who knew it could get worst!

Women of the world, I am taking a stand. I love fashion and I’m usually the first to stand by a ridiculous trends (I have 8 pairs of skinny jeans for god sakes!), but the buck stops here! I cannot get on board with this! Ladies, please stand with me and say no to jumpers, mom jeans, and shoulder pads! Nah I say! NAH!


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