Mad Men- My new obsession


A few weeks ago, I started watching Mad Men. I’ll be honest, the whole first half of the the first season, I hated. The sexist comments and racism was a little upsetting (I understand since it takes place in the early 60’s so it’s but it was quite disturbing) and all the employees were NOT  likeable (understatement of the century). I kept watching because I loved the clothes and the Don Draper is extremely sexy (I have to keep myself from jumping in the screen). But, Don (the protagonist) had a mysterious storyline that kept me guessing (don’t worry, No spoilers here) and it started to become obvious that the sexist comments were made to help strengthen the female characters (Peggy specifically). As the characters were developed and the douchiness was explained, I became more intrigued. By the end of season one, I was hooked.

The female characters and the actresses that play them steal the show. Christina Hendricks (Joan) is probably my favorite character. She is beautiful, strong, and has almost every male on the show is under her thumb. I especially look up to her because she is one of the few full figured woman in Hollywood who hasn’t caved to pressure to lose weight. I admire her figure and in the show, the costume designer dresses her wonderfully.

Betty, Don’s wife, is one of the most interesting characters because you want her to free herself from the monotony of her everyday life. You can tell that she is more interesting than her suzie homemaker lifestyle allows her to be and she constantly bottles up her emotions. You always want to know more about her but never get the opportunity to because she holds so much back ( I’m only on season 2 though so we’ll see what happens.) January Jones, the actress that plays Betty, looks like a modern day Grace Kelly and dresses like a goddess. I’ve never been a fan of blondes, but she is someone to admire.


In my personal opinion, Peggy is the strongest female on the  show. She makes her way up as an ad women and develops a sassy attitude that I admire. I would get in to details about this characters story (It’s what got me hooked) but I promised no spoilers and it’s too big and too amazing to give away. I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Moss since childhood (She was young Louise in Gypsy.  God, I love Bette Midler!). She has been in a number of movies and t.v. shows and I’ve always been fan.

Fashion wise, this show is so amazing. It makes me wish the old style of the 60’s would come to stay. Tailored suits, cute form fitting dresses, and my favorite part NO JEANS!!! So classy and clean cut. So naturally, I was so excited to find out that J.Crew has a Mad Men line!! ( My birthday is Sept.14 I would love the Pea Coat)


God I love this show.

Tune in! It’s on Netflix!!!


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