All my life I’ve had the worst posture. It was almost like a primate. Slunched over, my long neck practically at a 90 degree angle, it was awful and awkward. Through out elementary school I thought it was a bad habit. Through out middle school, I thought it was low self esteem ( it was middle school, low self esteem is practically required! HA!). Through out high school I thought it was because of how skinny I was and I had no control over it. I was totally right about the first part, but it was the second part I was off about.

In my sophomore year of college, I realized that I could change it. I worked hard to improve my posture. I tried to sit up straight as often as I could. I saw slight improvement but all in all, it wasn’t successful. Then, I found yoga.

My posture has improved so much since!!!! I found that because I was so skinny my back was too weak to support my weight. Yoga has so many poses that strengthen the back muscles, I didn’t even have to try to sit up straight! It just happened! After walking on campus today, I saw so many people that could do with a little back strength and relaxation. After the first week of classes, we could all use a some yoga posses that relax and strengthen us. Here’s a great video with some really useful poses!




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